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     In this section we will analyse the “atypical” forms of the serial killer phenomenon. For atypica l it is intended only what is not inside the survey majorities of serial murderers. The survey states that the “typical” serial killer is mainly a white male, aged between 25 and 35, who acts on his own, suffers from personality troubles (but rarely he is a real psychotic unable to understand or wish) and with strong antisocial tendencies and a preference for solitude. Consequently it is clear why the so called “angels of death”, “black widows” and the “murderer sets” are considered to be “atypical”.

     This is the category of the serial killer who work in health structures such as hospitals or nurses who work at the domicile of their future victims. Unfortunately the number is not so small, specially because it is not very difficult to avoid suspects when the victim is already an unhealthy person. The majority of the angels of death are females who start to kill just after 20 years old, the period of activity is in the range of one or two years, and the medium number of victims is of 8 before they get caught and arrested. The main reason why they get caught is because they start being prouAngel of deathd of what they did or at least they say things which raise suspects. In case this doesn't happen, the number of victims can raise sensibly even because their weapons are their job instruments. It is sufficient to give for days a high quantity of a medicine or high quantities of morphine declaring afterwards that the patient suffered of strong pains to avoid suspects. The main reason that pushes these people to homicide is in the huge need of feeling omnipotent: be able to decide over life and death of the people they are looking after. The confirm can be found in the confessions, where usually they admit to have caused the death to relieve the sufferings with euthanasia. The preferred victims are usually vulnerable subjects such as elderly patients but chronicles also reported of baby-sitters who also saw the children they were looking after as vulnerable subjects and ended up killing them.
Three are the main common characteristics of the angels of death:
•  the need to feel omnipotent being able to decide over life and death of the people they are looking after
•  the lack of confession when they get arrested. This is where they refuse the responsibility of the murder using the theory of the euthanasia
•  talk with other people of the murderers so to over expose themselves or forecast the death of the patient. When this happens it will cause strong suspects.

     So called in honour of the famous spiders whose females eat up the males. This category of serial killers exclusively kills for avidity and their victims are rich husbands and anyone else seen as an obstacle to their plans. So small children or suspicblack widowious parents are also systematically murdered. Her immunity is due to her intelligence and huge capacity of a cool planning of the murders. She is also a manipulator, is strongly organised and allows a long period of time from one murder to the other. Before acting she conquers the total trust of her victims and of his family so not be ever suspected of the homicide, at least until the number of victims doesn't reach a heavy amount. Her activity period varies from 10 to 15 years and she doesn't start murdering before the age of 30. The murder weapon is usually poison, never used in huge quantities but little by little. By doing so the victim will show symptoms that can be exchanged for common illnesses. They will be looked after with no results until the concentration of poison in the organism is so high to kill the subject. The black widow will inherit all the possessions of the dead husband or eventual insurance premiums deriving from the decease. For this reason the victims are often of an high social level.

     This category of serial killers always practice the so called “ritual serial homicide”. It is a group of people, usually spiritually headed and guided by a charismatic leader, who controls their willing to make them do what he wants. Usually their reasons are esoteric and religious fanaticism or they declare to be the new alternative to the consumer sociemanson familyty in which we live. For this reason, rather than a criminal group, we define them pure and real “sets”. The atypicalness of this category is due to the fact that often the serial murder takes place within the set and for various reasons. In these cases we assist to a mass suicide: the set, under the orders of its leader, destroys herself to obtain the final aim, often linked to the salvation and peace beyond this world. Otherwise there are suicides towards an element per time motivating it with the “purification” of the suicidal due to something he committed against the laws of the sets. The typical modus operandi of the solitary serial killer is almost absent. But there have been “manual” cases in which the set have operated externally making a huge number of victims. The most famous cases are “the Manson family” and the Italians of the monster of Florence , as ultimately these murders are considered done by a group of people and the motive a pure collection of souvenirs of the victims.




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