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The woman serial killer deserves a dedicated section as the differences with her male “colleague” are so many and deep that it is impossible to treat her briefly as “atypical”. First of all it is better to clarify once for all the erroneous idea that onElizabeth Bathoryly a man can be a serial killer and women are always the victims. Anyway this believe is based on the assumption, not totally wrong, that the serial murder origins from sexual instincts alimented by fantasies and perversions typical of males. So, at least from a genetic point of view, it would look impossible to have a woman serial killer. But if we follow the “Crime Classification Manual”, which defines “serial killer” someone who commits three or more murders in three or more different locations over an extended period of time with cooling-off periods in between, then in history we find a lot of executioner women. It is estimated that the percentage of this particular predator of men is around 5-10% of the total, a percentage still growing. And it is not higher just for historic and social causes. The role of women in the past, in a male society, saw them always subdued to a father or husband and difficulty they could go around during the night looking for victims. In the course of history there have been cases of brutal women serial killers, but they were always women with power (as countess Elisabeth Bathory) who could order and dispose to satisfy their need of kill. But with the emancipation of the societies in the whole world, this percentage has obviously started to increase revealing the brutal truth that the serial murder has no sex.


As per men, also for the women serial killer some specialists of the sector have prepared a study to identify the common points in all known cases of female serial murders. Results have allowed to outline some peculiarities. Par example, as per the typical serial killer (and this is probably the only common point) also women in childhood tended to be violent towards animals, mainly cats (probably because they are more controllable than dogs). It was curiously noted in these cases that the method used to kill animals later became the same to kill men. Growing, the woman serial killer develops a huge fear towards darkness which will cause her anguish linked to the idea of being abandoned. For this reason she frequently suffers in childhood of nightmares, in which the most frequent scenes are linked to suffered abuses. The stages of growth are quicker in respect of girls of the same age. The statistic confirms that around 12 years old they tend to commit little but frequent sexual abuses towards younger girls. At 13 they have had already their first sexual complete experience usually with older men who make them feel protected and realized. At 18 they are pregnant, usually they keep the babies but don't look after them, granting custody to their families or orphan atrophies. Youth is the most critical emotional period. A huge hate for school and discipline is frequent. She tends to escape from home and during the absence she meets any type of transgression such as alcohol, drugs and sex with either men and women. It is not rare she commits small money theft or shop-lifting. She tends to write a lot and it is easy to find in her room a secret diary where she notes all her nightmares and violence.

It is import to list all the existing differences between a man and a woman serial killer to understand how deeply different is their nature and the reason why a woman is another category. With the only exception of the common violence towards animals in childhood, the rest is completely different: from weapons to the kind of victims until sexual development.

TIMING: The first deep difference between the two is in the timing. Woman starts killing between 30/40 years old, approximately 10 years later than her male “colleague”, who starts between 20/30 years old. But in respect to men the length of her “criminal life” is the double, with an average period of activity around 8 years before she gets arrested, versus the average 4 years of men.
REASONS : at the base of female serial murder we will not find sexual distortion or a ready to explode perversion as for men. Women never kill for libido or sexual domination. Her reasons are almost all liked to profit, followed by psychological disorders such as Medea complex (tendency of a mother to desire and/or cause the death of her children) or, as per the case of the angel of death, the nurses who feel pleasure to give death to their patients.
METHODS AND WEAPONS : for the above mentioned reasons the woman serial killer uses different methods and weapons from a man serial killer. Not feeling sexual instinct as murder basis, a woman doesn't need a contact with her victim, while this is fundamental for a man. While a man mostly prefers to kill with his hands (i.e. by strangling), the woman in the 65% of the cases will use poison with diabolic capacity to simulate symptoms of normal diseases to avoid being caught. Only the 13% kill by suffocation (as in the case of babies using a pillow to simulate the syndrome of the white death, quite common in the first year of life) and the 12% with fire weapons. Also the lack of a sexual reason brings the absence of the “overkilling”: the fury on victims even after their death, very frequent amongst males. If from one side you believe women to be more “gentle” compared to the cruelty of men, the other side shows how can be sadist an homicide where you assist to the slow and unstoppable death of a familiar, bringing huge and long sufferings caused by the slow effects of the poison.
VICTIMS : There is a large difference in the choice of victims between males and females. While man is oriented towards unknown people, often chosen in risky categories, the woman chooses people she knows, usually in her family (husbands, lovers, children). A further characteristic is that she chooses and kills her victims “on place”, there is no territory mobility as instead this happens with men.



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