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     The types of serial killers are different and various. Before talking about “types” of serial killer, it is necessary to understand in which way he needs to be catalogued. If the classification is done studying the motives that push a man to become a serial killer or according to the “modus operandi”. With regard to the motives that push serial killers to kill, then the modern criminology has found and divided serial killers into 4 large categories: the Missionary, the Visionary, the Hedonistic and the Power and control.

     The MISSIONARY kills because he believes to have an ethic/moral mission and his acts are justified on the basis that he is getting rid of a certain type of person such as prostitutes, gay, drug and alcohol addicted. Usually the chosen category has had a strong negative impact in his life. Par example if he is oriented towards drug or alcohol addicted, easily one of his parents had that problem and he attributes to this motive the suffered violence. This idea reinforce the convincement that he is doing well for humanity, he will not suffer from any type of regret and will continue until he is caught.

     The HEDONISTIC is simply the type who kills for the sheer pleasure of it. He receives pleasure and satisfaction in terminating others lives. He can be pushed by a sexual component (in this case there is an under category so called lust killer) for which the reach of the orgasm is necessary linked to the death of the victim. To this cases there will be otheTed Bundyr parafilias post mortem such as body sectioning, necrophilia or cannibalism that the killer cannot do without. If instead, he gets the extreme pleasure from challenging the authorities and the sense of danger, this is an under category so called thrill-killer.

     The VISIONARY is usually an individual with heavy psychic problems (first of all schizophrenia) that lead him to subject from violent hallucinations. During these hallucinations, which can be both visions and voices, he believes to receive a divine message, extraterrestrial or anyway from a superior entity (usually God or Satan). The justification he gives to his behaviour is that it is a due act, an obey to a superior draw for which he has been choose as mediator. Often these individuals have received a vigorous and fanatic religious education. The majority suffer from a complicated psychiatric situation with diagnosis of schizophrenia, paranoia and hallucinations.

     The POWER AND CONTROL is the killer who need to have a total control of his victim. He kills as sublimation of the control or, being an individual socially inadequate, he hasn't got any other way to control and use the victim at his pleasure. It is not rare he uses drugs or alcohol to cancel their resistances. Also in this case post mortem parafilias are frequent, specially cannibalism. Sexual abuses, mutilation and/or other violence on the body have not a real link to sexual satisfaction but only on the total control of the victim and the omnipotent idea of himself.

In time it has been noted that this type of classification, although it could indicate the type of person to look for, it was useless to uniform the judges of the investigators, whose reports were often overfilled of psychiatric and medical terms. It was necessary to have a further subdivision of the serial killers. FBI categorized the various types of serial killers according to the modus operandi and the crime scene. In this case categories are only two: organized and disorganized. The predominant caractheristics of these two types have been put together during the various interviews to the serial killers.

     ORGANIZED: it is usually a sexual adequate individual with a medium to high intelligence. He is socially integrated and has a job that requires ability. He is often the firstborn and has received an education where discipline was almost inexistent. He has his own mean of transport, usually in good conditions and he often lives with his partner. He plans the crime methodically, uses drugs or alcohol and has full control of himself during the crime. He requires a victim subdued to his willing on which he also commit violence before death. He looks for unknown individuals. He trasport the victim in a peaceful place and tends to hide the body. Surely he will follow the investigations through the medias. No weapons or traces are left where the body is found.

     DISORGANIZED: Sexually inadequate and of low intelligence. Often out of social life, he has a manual or repetitive job that requires no specialization or ability. Knows the victim and prefers to depersonalise her after death (i.e. covering the face) without bothering to hide the body. During aggression he looses control of his emotions, leaving traces and proofs on the crime scene. Often commits sexual abuses on the victim after death. Lives on his own and usually near the crime scene.



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